A Postmodern Presidency

5 04 2010

Victor David Hansen is just outstanding! I would read something of his every day if I could keep up with his wit and insights.
This article is an eyeopener into who our President really is and why we as Conservatives have such a difficult time understanding the Left.
After reading this I understand more fully why I am called a racist and a bigot with nothing more to reference than my desire to maintain the Constitution and Individual Rights. T
his article also helps me to understand why the "enlightened Left" refers to people like me an "uneducated hicks". We must learn to understand the postmodern view of the world had better learn to fight it off or we will be the next set of slaves that need to be rescued.

Read VDH here.
Dorthey Knight




3 responses

5 04 2010

Wow! That is a great article. It actually makes things look worse than I thought they were. I still think Glenn Beck will figure out a way to thwart all this.

5 04 2010

I think things are better and not worse than we think, for example, the fact that the Democrat leadership used camera’s and cell phones to try to capture examples of racist slurs being used is an example of offering the Modernist view of “proof” instead of relying on the postmodernist methodology. If the Democrat members had truly understood the postmodern view they would not have wanted proof! I think we need to keep pushing them to demonstrate the charges they bring and therefore bring them back to the real world!

7 04 2010

Wouldn’t a post-mortem presidency be about right?

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